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About Us

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OUR BEGINNING: Breathing Wellness Center is a dental sleep practice created in 2019 by Dr. Melissa Rosello, to bring the life changing services of dental sleep medicine to the general dental practice University Dental Group in Orlando Florida.

OUR PURPOSE is to create awareness and educate people on the potentially life altering effects of poor breathing, and to encourage and direct them to the help they need.  

THE FACTS: Approximately 80% of Americans have underdeveloped jaw bones. That means, 264 million people in the United States are at an increased risk for breathing problems and the health conditions associated with them and the majority DON'T KNOW IT!

HOW CAN WE HELP?: Breathing Wellness, combined with Vivos Therapeutics inc. ® and properly trained dentists, can modify the jaw bones using appliance therapy that is: 

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These appliances enhance the airway of patients, allowing them to get more oxygen rich air to their lungs. Once distributed, the body can then function "on all cylinders".  We, at Breathing Wellness, understand the importance of proper breathing, which is why we say:

Breathe Better, Sleep Better, LIVE Better!

Dr. Bios
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Doctor Biography

Dr. Melissa Rosello of University Dental Group founding member of Breathing Wellness Orlando

Dr. Melissa Rosello is a general dentist with great enthusiasm for dentistry and a sincere care and concern for her patients’ health. She believes that her ability to provide dental care is a gift and that she is truly blessed to be able to make the Central Florida community smile each and every day. Believing that the systems of the body are “all connected,” craniofacial dental sleep medicine and airway prosthodontics have become an integral and passionate part of her dental practice. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of the importance of BREATHING WELLNESS with all her patients and the ENTIRE Central Florida community.

Dr. Rosello has advanced training in the use of an innovative appliance therapy that is able to non-surgically and non-invasively grow and develop the upper and lower jaw bones in both children and adults to improve the airway allowing improved sleep.  She is also one of the few dentists in Central Florida who is trained in the revolutionary NIGHTLASE procedure which also treats the prevalent conditions of snoring and sleep apnea, an under diagnosed life threatening condition, with a non-cutting soft tissue laser.  With her advanced training in laser dentistry and craniofacial dental sleep medicine, she is able to provide her patients with the leading dental technology, and cutting edge procedures to help the Central Florida community:


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