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Better Outcomes for Patients & Doctors

All around the world, individual doctors and dentists are collaborating to bring a new focus on the importance of airway, sleep and breathing wellness.

Inspired by the overall health benefits of breathing well during sleep, and a desire to provide hope for the millions who suffer from impaired sleep/breathing, this group of healthcare providers is helping patients achieve improved health and wellness by taking a whole-body approach and by leveraging collaboration across a variety of disciplines.

Every individual case is unique.  Every outcome is personal. At Breathing Wellness we are helping to cultivate an interconnected network of integrated healthcare providers to encourage this type of collaboration. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for doctors and their patients.

See what our Patients have to say

I woke up before my alarm today for the first time in a long time.

- 51 yr old, Female only 2 weeks in treatment

after only two night in my appliance i started having beautiful and pleasant dreams

- 30 yr old, Female 

Patien Reviews
70% airway volume increase in 8 month
~2mm palate width increase
Upper airway volume increase
6 month tooth alignment WITHOUT braces!
6 month tooth alignment WITHOUT braces!
Patient Progress
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