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Palatal Expansion

Palatal expansion is the process of widening and expanding the upper jaw to create more space for teeth to move into proper alignment. This procedure is often used to treat cross-bites, under-bites, and other jaw abnormalities. Proper jaw width is also crucial for maintaining an unobstructed airway, as an underdeveloped jaw will cause other anatomical features to impede the airway.


A narrow upper jaw, for example, will often cause the lower jaw to remain trapped backward, causing the tongue to block the airway. An undeveloped upper jaw also leads to narrow nasal passages restricting the upper airway.


Mouth breathing, crowded/crooked teeth, TMJ/TMD, snoring, and bruxism (tooth grinding) are just a few of the symptoms of a narrow or underdeveloped jaw needing expansion. We offer various fixed and removable palatal expansion services for adults and children.

Palatal Expansion For Children

Palatal expansion is a service we offer to help children with difficulty breathing or speaking properly due to an abnormally narrow palate. Our treatment can help improve the shape and size of the upper jaw to create more room for the tongue and teeth, allowing for easier breathing and improved speech. Children under 12 years old have a unique advantage for palatal expansion because their hard palate has not yet fused.

A palatal expander can be used to hold the two halves of the upper jaw apart during development to allow for the formation of a correct dental arch. We offer a range of fixed or removable palatal expanders for children. Fixed palatal expanders are fitted to remain in the mouth during the entire expansion process, while removable ones can be taken out.


We've partnered with Vivos Therapeutics Inc to provide their innovative Vivos Guide system: Vstarter®, VGrow®, and Vway®. This complete system is a series of removable palatal expanders that follows a child through development, treating the underlying causes of a narrow palate and crooked teeth while unlocking natural growth and development. This often prevents the need for braces in the future and reduces the likelihood of developing airway issues later on, like obstructive sleep apnea.   

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Palatal ExpansionChildren

Palatal Expansion For Adults

Palatal Expansion For Adults

Previously the treatment options for palatal expansion in adults were limited to surgery. Thanks to Vivos Therapeutics' innovative dental devices, there is now a non-surgical treatment that works with your body's own restorative processes to widen your dental arch naturally.


Palatal Expansion is a service offered by sleep dentistry that helps to create more space in the mouth and can help reduce snoring and sleep apnea. Our experienced sleep dentist uses specialized appliances to gently and gradually expand the upper jaw to create a larger airway and improve breathing during sleep. This treatment is non-invasive, comfortable, and highly effective.


The DNA® dental devices is removable and custom-made to fit over your teeth. When worn 12-16 hours a day, the dental appliance activates the stem cells found along the median suture of your upper jaw and around the base of each tooth. This causes new bone growth and expansion, all without drastic force or surgery!

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