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Six Ways to Make Teeth Brushing Fun for Children!

Let’s face it kids need some inspiration when it comes to oral hygiene!

According to the American Dental Association (ADA) “brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once a day are important to keep teeth and gums healthy”. So how do we get our kids excited about brushing their teeth? We at Breathing Wellness have come up with some helpful tips!

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  1. Buy a new toothbrush and allow your child to decorate it with his/her favorite stickers, characters, and colors.

  2. PRO TIP: battery operated models aren’t only more fun, but they clean better too! (more on that in a blog to come)

  3. Let your child choose the toothpaste flavor.

  4. Be sure your child isn’t ingesting or swallowing it though!

  5. Have your child practice (with a spare toothbrush of course!) on their favorite stuffed toy, doll, or even on you!

  6. Reward, Reward, REWARD! Everyone loves a bit of praise, select non-food items like the ever coveted electronic(s) time, their favorite book, or even a sticker chart.

  7. Make it a moment to look forward to doing together. Show off your great role modeling skills, by brushing your teeth together! Sing a song, get silly and HAVE FUN!

  8. Don’t forget older siblings are great encouragement too!

Keep up the good work and make your dentist proud!

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