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 Sleep Better.

Breathe Better.

Live Better.

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Breathing & Health

The Facts


  • If a Person BREATHES BETTER they will SLEEP BETTER

  • Improved Breathing & Sleep Leads to a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE


The Problem 

  • Underdevelopment of the upper and lower jaw bones, or mid-face hypoplasia often leads to an underdevelopment of the airway.  

  • Mid-Face Hypoplasia creates constrictions and obstructions making it difficult for oxygen rich air to get to the lungs. 

  •  90% of Americans unknowingly suffer from potentially serious conditions related to improper breathing and lack of quality sleep 





The Solution


Conditions Associated with Mid-face Hypoplasia

Many common health concerns are linked to Improper breathing during sleep.

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Why Dentists?

> Dentists, assess the anatomy of the jaws on a regular basis

> Many risk factors for BREATHING PROBLEMS are visible inside the mouth​

> ​Dentists who treat AIRWAY, SLEEP & BREATHING issues look deeper

> Dentists are the only doctors who fabricate and adjust mouth appliances which are used to correct the underdevelopment of the upper and lower jaw bones

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Melissa Rosello of University Dental Group founding member of Breathing Wellness Orlando

Melissa Rosello, DMD

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